[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Passports or Identity Papers

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 21 18:03:09 PST 2006

I looked at the 1903 entry Guenther referred to - Friedrich was going to his 
brother Ferdinand in Buffalo, NY.    I agree with you, this is not your 

The  April 1910 Census of Elm Grove, Payne, Oklahoma has Fred Less, age 26, 
still single, immigrated 1903.  (1920 Census in Silver Creek, Nebraska 
confirms your information)

Now I wonder if he travelled under some other name??

ROse Ingram

From: <GVLESS at aol.com>

> Freidrich Less' naturalization papers provide this info:  Dated 3  April
> 1909, Alpena, Michigan:
> .....imigrated to the U.S. from Hamburg, Germany on or about 25 day of May
> 1902 and arrived at port of New York in the United States on the vessel
> Bataviga....."  With the naturalization papers being filled out 6 years 
> after Less
> arrived here he may have forgotten some of the facts he supplied for  this
> paper.  The ship itself I have not been able to find one with this  name 
> at least
> in the Ellis Island records.  I have checked Ancestry this  week on their
> free opportunity and they said there was no records for this  Freidrich 
> Less, age
> 19, arriving in 1903.  So - where do I go from  here?
> The Freidrich Less you found Gunether as coming into Maryland at age 26 
> can
> not be the right one.  We do have proof of Freidrich Less' birth year at 
> 1884
> from his Confirmation paper.
> That would definitely make him age 19 when immigrating.  Besides if he 
> was
> trying to move from having to deal with the Russian Army it seems age 19 
> would
> have been the right time to get out.  He was younger than his  brother,
> Erdmann, who was in the military and immigrated the year before in  1902. 
> Both of
> them lived in Alpena, Michigan for a few years when they  first came to 
> the
> USA and worked as lumberjacks there.
> Thanks for all of you trying to help me on this.  If anyone has any  ideas
> what to do next in this research let me know.  What about going to  the 
> Hamburg
> records?  Does anyone have any success from those?
> Virginia Less

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