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One other thing you ought to try is the Ellis Island index cards. The are
available through FHC or at regional NARA's.


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Eve;ryone - your responses have been terrific.  But need to tell you I  do 
have records for Fred Less from 1903 on.  He bought land in AIpena  Michigan
have land records plus his sale of it when he decided to go to  Oklahoma in 
1909 to claim a bride (my husband's mother).  Census papers for  1910 show
in Oklahoma.  He and Juliana Bergstraesser Less were married  in Stillwater,

Oklahoma on May 25, 1910 in a 3-day wedding of which we have a  picture of
whole group gathered in front of the farmhouse where they were  married.  So
my one piece of family record for this father-in-law of mine  is the hope of

finding his immigration record.  But - maybe I should be  satisfied with
what I 
have.  One interesting bit of info for this man is  that while in Alpena 
there also was a John Less from Russia  living  there.  We have wondered
over the 
years if this may have been a relative,  or even an unknown brother.  His 
naturalization paper said he was from  NovoGrad Volhynsk (which isn't that
away from where Fred Less was supposedly  born which is Warwarowka.)
always seem to be around when one  does genealogy.  And the urge is of
to try to solve them.  John  Less has not been researched any further
Maybe I should  work on that this winter!!
You all are so wonderful in giving what info you have.  Thanks  again.  If 
anything new comes about I will let this listserv know.   What a great
SGGEE has provided thru the listserv.
Sincerely, Virginia Less

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