[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Passports or Identity Papers

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I think the first think is to look at the index cards that were made at EI.
You would presume all immigrants would be accounted for, on the manifest or
not! 1902/1903 were very tumultuous years at EI based on a search I did of
the NY Times 1902/03. The commissioner was fired, there were scandals and


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Mike and Paul,

I did a quick look at the two passengers lists for Bativia arriving in 1903,

and the list of Belgravia arriving in April 1903.  Found nothing either.

IF Freddie boy did arrive in this time period he may have been travelling 
under another name.  It probably would be best to look at the acutal film on

a large film reader and focus on where some suspect 19 year old males were 
traveling to.  This would be easier on the eyes and the 'mouse' hand...

Rose Ingram

From: "Mike McHenry"

I did searches at stevemorse.org using only the starting letters of the
first name possibilities FRIED AND FRED and limiting it to the Batavia and
1903. This is Morse's white form. It takes a while for the search! I came up
with nothing remotely close to Less. I have used this technique before with
some success. I'm very suspicious of the completeness of the EI database. In
1902 I know there are several weeks of ships missing. In the case of the
Batavia  of June 8, 1903 there is no listing of detained persons as you
usually find at the beginning or end of the manifest. I think it is
incomplete.                                        Mike

    I did a search in the (currently) free ancestry.com database,
 using arrival year 1903, ship name Batavia, and then looked at the
 results that best matched a departure date of 25 May.

    The passenger list has 3 or 4 pages of passengers from Boulogne,
 and 110 or so pages from Hamburg, but I've seen some web sites that
 only seem to mention Boulogne.

       Paul Rakow
       rakow at ifh.de

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