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Dear Susie,
  It is good that you found SGGEE relatively early on in your research. You probably want to consider becoming a member along with your 2nd cousins. You will get so much help learning how to research your geneaolgy from Poland plus the resources SGGEE offers its members are excellent tools.
  There is a group of us (we call ourselves Team Lublin) who all have ancestors from this region. I am one of them. Extensive data from EWZ data (1940-45 German naturalzation records) is already included in the SGGEE pedigree database from the area around Cycow near Lublin (where my family came from). Another member is now extracting EWZ information from the towns around Chelm down to Hrubieszow. He is now in fact going through the EWZ files that include Henrysin (this is the correct spelling). No doubt your relatives will be found in there unless they all left the area before WW II.
  SGGEE is about to embark on a novel project with the Lutheran church in Lublin. They have their entire archives on DVDs but no directory of where to find specific records among their vast array of obscure filenames. SGGEE volunteers will set up a directory for them meaning important names, dates, towns will be extracted along with the associated filenames. If you really want to learn how to research Polish and Cyrillic records this would be a good opportunity to dealve into records likely to include your ancestors. On Team Lublin we all look out for each others' interests, just like you are doing with your 2nd cousins.
  To summarize, you hit the jackpot by coming here. I hope you don't get overwhelmed by the wealth of info we have access to from the Lublin area. 
  BTW, that one town is spelled Siedliszcze and we have seen all your German names of interest in the Lublin area.

Susie Lewis <lewisinwaterloo at sympatico.ca> wrote:
  Hello all

I am relativly new to all this and together with a number of us second 
cousins am trying to find birth records for our grandparents who were all 
sibblings born in the Lublin area between Lublin and Chelm, Poland

Julius Tonn

Rudolf Tonn b: January 2, 1892 in Hendruszyn, Chelm, Poland

Eduard Tonn b: September 20, 1893 in Hendrysin, Chelm, Poland

Emilge Tonn b: August 18, 1895

Emma Tonn b: March 15, 1898 in Lublin, Poland

Ida Tonn b: February 10, 1902

The e-mail below from Karlann suggests that she has found access to the 
Lublin records. HELP Please! In the past someone had given me the name and 
address of the Priest in the Lutheran Church in Lublin however I do not have 
an endless amounts of money to pay someone an hourly rate to go through 

If the LDS collection has so many films of the Lublin area I am not sure 
where to start looking for the Hendruszyn area. Is anyone with more 
experience in the area able to help me narrow down as to which microfilm I 
should be ordering, that would be greatly appreciated.

I do have a copy of a birth certificate of Eduards son who was born in 
Kamionka, Chelm, near Henrysin. His birth was registered in Siediszcze 
Municipal Office as having been born in the Colony of Mogilinica/ Moczydle. 
I did find Siediszcze in the LDS films but all that I could find where the 
records of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, however my 
relatives where either Baptists or old Lutherans so now I am not sure where 
to look next.

If anyone is able to guide me and has more questions I can provide more 
detail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Susie Tonn Lewis
Researching: TONN / Von Jewietzkie / WENDLAND / WENTLANT / ZOLLNER / JABS / 
from the Lublin area and Tonns back to Austria

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lying about age,identity papers and Russian 
Consular Records
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:47:54 GMT

I have encountered such age discrepancies in the two listings for my 
gr-grandfather, Friederick Fietz, who arrived at the port of Halifax in July 
1913 and took the train across Canada where he entered the U.S. at Pembina, 
North Dakota. He is listed for both ports of entry, with a different age (47 
and 43) at each one, even though only three or four days separate the two 
listings. Believe me, this has created incredible problems for my research 
to find his birth record in Lublin , since his name was not an uncommon one, 
and there are two possible births for each year (1870 and 1867) that could 
be his record.
I have always guessed that the discrepancy is either a recording error or 
language misunderstanding of some kind, but our discussion ongoing of of 
identity papers the makes me wonder if there is a way to find more definite 
information about his birth.
I know he returned to Russia in 1916 via Murmansk, during WWI. I have often 
wondered if there was some way to find any passport, visa, or other records 
for Russian citizens returning to Russia in that time period. I know there 
are some Russian Consular records from the U.S. Consulate of San Francisco 
in the LDS library, and I at one time did look at some of those films, but 
these records are curiously archived by "boxes" and one needs to know more 
about that system. I decided when I tried using them some 15 years ago that 
it was going to be a very time-consuming process to sift through the 
materials on microfilm. Has anyone else done any research with these 
archives? Might they be worth looking at more closely? Does anyone know of 
any other way to retrieve information that might have been on a 
German-Russian traveler's identity papers from the 1912-1918 time period?
Karla Walters
karlann at juno.com

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