[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Update on IE7 problems

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 30 08:56:10 PST 2006

So far we have not come up with a solution to the IE7 problem in downloading our database "results pages".  We are continuing our efforts.  As part of that effort, I received the following info from a contact (David Felter) in the industry.

"The company I work for is a Microsoft partner, so we get to test new apps and receive early releases of finished products. Because of our relationship we have been testing all of the releases of IE7 for several months now. Primarily to make sure that our software works in conjunction with IE7.

Anyway our people in charge of the testing, and what not, have informed us (and our clients) not to install IE7 as it is full of bugs. Worse yet they claim that we cannot simply "uninstall" IE7, but rather we have to re-image our hard drive because of the way Microsoft installs the software and the remnants it leaves behind."

Our recommendation to our website users is similar.  We suggest you do not update to IE7 at this time.  If you do, we suggest you also keep another browser such as Netscape or Firefox or Opera on hand so that you can use it in cases were IE7 does not work.

The rationale is the same as what I read in the paper this morning.  Businesses are not jumping in immediately to use the new Microsoft Vista operating system.  They know it is full of bugs and do not want to be the guinea pigs being tested.  The same applies to IE7.

More info later as we continue to work on the problem.

Jerry Frank
SGGEE Webmaster

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