[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Draeger/Dreger in Krzepszew, Kutno Parish

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 15 11:14:32 PDT 2006


I happen to have some birth records from Kutno parish because of my interst 
in the Krebs name.

I have a copy the 1858 birth record for Wilhelm, but not the 1861 record for 
In the column the village is clearly shown as Krsyszew.  Witness Gottlieb 
Weber is from this village and Samuel Krebs the other witness is from 
village Karolewo.

I have not looked at my maps in order to locate these places.

Hope this helps some.

Rose Ingram

>I have resently been re-reading some information and found the following in
> the letter.  This letter was in regards to Augusta Dreger Schmidtke.
> "Her parents were married in Przedecz in 1853 R18: 'Ludwig Dreger, age 18
> (R73 - 1834) born and living in Augustopol, son of Martin Dreger and
> Karoline Freigang, married Wilhelmine Krebs, age 20, born Studzien and
> living in Augustopol, daughter of Wilhelm Krebs and Emilie Springer.'
> Sometime after their marriage they lived in Krzepszew, Kutno Parish where
> two children were baptised, 1. 1858 R41 Wilhelm Dreger and 2. 1861 R41 
> Adolf
> Dreger.  I presume they then moved to Volhynia where Augusta was then 
> born.
> I also note that Augusta died in Morris, Man.  I take it that she was
> related to the four Dreger sisters who married four Pokrant brothers at
> Rosenfeld, Man.  These Dregers again were related to the Dregers at
> Mossbank, Sask."
> This would be my family line as the Adolf Dreger is my great grandfather.
> If anyone has a clue as to what the R numbers stand for would be helpful.
> While I have Draegers/Dregers on both sides of my maternal line, the 
> Dregers
> at Mossbank are from my grandfathers side, while the Adolf Dregers as
> mentioned above are from my grandmothers side, and to date have found no
> relationship between the two.  Am also curious as to the relationship with
> the Pokrants at Rosenfeld.
> Any assistance greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Delores Maduke
> Saskatoon, SK

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