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Joyce and Worth

I don't have ancestors from Gostynin as far as I know but I do have a Lau
family in the Thorn area and one who married a Leichnitz.  Lau is not a
common name and I didn't realize it was German at first.  I also have
Fenskes way back in the Thorn area.  Many of those who lived along the
Vistula passed through Thorn.  My direct family settled in the Rypin area.
Wouldn't mind sharing some information off-line if this is of interest to

Earl Schultz

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] anajewo, gostynin, russia poland
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Would anyone know what Catholic parish  that  Anajewo or Anejewo, Gostynin,
Russia Poland would belong to?  The years I am looking for are around
1811-1850.  This village is near  Duninow Duzy and Budy Lucienskie.   Thank
you    Joyce


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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wyszogrod parish Marriage Record
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I have a 1843 marriage record from The Wyszogrod Parish for my gggg
grandfather Friedrich Lau.  I am having trouble in deciphering the village
where he was born in 1785. It looks like Miszewo or Miszewko.  Also what
parish would it be in?    I can scan a copy of the record.  Thank you.

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