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Thu Aug 2 04:51:10 PDT 2007

1)  My Richter family lived in Nosowicze, Poland  on the Russian  side of 
Poland after the 1939 partitioning of Poland between Germany and Russia.  They 
were resettled on a 200 acre farm in Jurgenrode, Gemeinde Rodau, Kreis  
Warthbrucken in 1940. Is there information, perhaps on line, that explains the  basis 
for determining how housing, land, etc., was awarded during the  resettlement? 
I visited this area in 2000 and the village name of Jurgenrode has  been 
changed to the Polish name of Josefkof (sp).
2)   My fathers half brother, Siegmund Lockstein, was  killed in 1945 shortly 
after the end of the war. He also lived in this  area which is near Klodawa, 
Poland. The family story is that he was  executed in the back yard by Russian 
military police for reasons not clear to  me. Is it likely that such events 
were recorded in civil records? Does anyone  know of a web site or other means 
of getting information of this kind of  event?
3) I  have obtained a copy of my grandmothers birth record, written in  
Polish. Is there a Polish speaking person on the List that can help me with  
translating this into English?
Any help, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Heinrich Richter

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