[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lutheran World Almanac (1934 - 1937)

Ron Neuman ron at neuman.ca
Tue Aug 14 12:49:03 PDT 2007

I recently bought a copy of this book at a used book store.  The book 
contains a number of interesting items, including an 80 page listing 
of the Lutheran Ministers active at that time; a listing of those 
ministers who died in the 1932 to 1935 period; and some short 
biographies of some Lutheran ministers.

I am prepared to check this book for names and information for anyone 
who might be interested.

Send me the names, and be patient.  It might take me a couple of days 
to respond.

An example of the information is that one of the names that I am 
researching - Henkelmann - has four ministers listed:
	Carl Henkelmann - Berea, Ohio
  	Ernst Henkelmann - Port Huron, Michigan
	F. Henkelmann - Bryan, Ohio
	F. Henkelmann - Lutheran Mission at Madang, New Guinea

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