[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Envisaged opencast brown coal mine ruins villages in Central Poland

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 16 07:09:28 PDT 2007

You can use GOOGLE Earth to zoom in on existing destruction.  Just type  [Sompolno, Poland]  in the search box and it will take you right there.  Stop the "eye elevation" at about 35 km and you will see the existing mining SW of  Sompolno.  Similar mines encircle Slesin a short distance to the west.

Open pit mines are common and can also be found north of Zhitomir in Volhynia where they have also obliterated a number of villages.

Of course this same thing happens in North America as well.

You can type [Szarlatow, Poland] in the search box to find it.  It still shows up without destruction but those images might be a few years old.

Jerry Frank

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Envisaged opencast brown coal mine ruins villages in Central Poland
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> Dear list members,
> today I suffered a major setback when I had to learn, that the
> homeland of my ancestors - the village of Szarlatow(o)
> (=Charlottenberg), situated between Kolo and Sompolno in Central
> Poland - probably soon will be (or already has been ?)
> extinguished from landscape.
> The region around Szarlatow (near Drzewce) contains lignite
> (brown coal) deposits and therefore "is currently being
> developed for exploitation, which will start in 2005".  (
> http://www.eusustel.be/public/documents_publ/WP/WP3/coal_industry_2005_euracoal.pdf   => page 44 )
> http://www.ppwb.org.pl/wb/52/10.php   (in polish)
> www.carbon-
> power.de/Literature/Coal%20Market/lignite_europ_e.pdf   ( => page 18)
> For me personally these are very sad news. Szarlatow was founded
> in 1855 and my Krenz ancestors settled there at that very time.
> They lived in Szarlatow for about 90 years - until their
> displacement around 1945. I haven't been to that place yet, but
> I was really looking forward to visit it one day in order to see
> with my own eyes, where my ancestors once lived and to step on
> that "holy soil" with my own feet. But now, sadly, I have to
> hurry up - even if it's not already too late !
> Does anybody know about the Status Quo of this horrible project ?
> Does Szarlatow still exist ?
> What happens/-ed to the people of present-day Szarlatow (and
> neighbor villages) ?
> Does anybody know anyone, who lives in that area and could give
> some hints to the questions above ?
> Thank you for your help.
> Stephan Krenz
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