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Greg Mason...I have a 3GGrandmother in my research with the name
Witkowski. Here's my info...her name was located on my Schmeltzer
lineage trace on the Marriage Record of my 2GGrandfather Xaver
Wojciech Schmeltzer who married Maryjanna nee Ast in 1843; Xaver's
father was Wojciech Schmeltzer, and mother was Terezja nee Witkowski
(Witkowska - female translation) Schmeltzer. Let me know if there's
any connection...Rae (Gilda Patterson)

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Kreis Rypin; Poland





Kreis Lipno; Poland




Kreis Wloclawek; Poland




Lansing, Michigan



Terezja (Teresa) Witkowski Witkowska Schmeltzer is the 3rd great
grandmother of Gilda Joan Patterson.

Gilda J. Patterson, Researcher

Granddaughter of Olga Schmeltzer

& Eduard/Edward Purat/Porat


Record of their children:

Xaver Wojciech (Albrecht) Schmeltzer & Maryjanna Ast

Marriage Record Nov 26th, 1843 5pm

Plock Parish Archives

Microfilm No. 729454

Xaver Wojciech Schmeltzer & Maryjanna Ast

Marriage Record ~ 1843 ~ 26th day of November, 1843 at 5:00 pm

~ Plock Parish, Plock, Warszawa, Poland~

It took place in Plock on the 26th day of November, 1843 at 5:00 pm.
Acting consciously and in the presence of witnesses: Krystjan
(Christian) Vogel, a 27 year old farmer from Maszewo and Jakub (Jacob)
Winkler, a 59 year old homeworker from Maszewo, not related but well
acquainted with the newlywedded persons, a religious marriage ceremony
took place between Xavery Wojciech (XavierAlbrecht) Schmeltzer, a 19
year old young man, born in Maszewo from Wojciech (Albert) and
Terezja(Teresa) nee Witkowski Schmeltzer tenant farmers, residing with
his parents, of Roman Catholic faith with Maryjanna (Marianne) Ast, a
23 year old maiden born in Lelice from Jerzy (Georg) and Zofia
(Sophia) nee Stutz Ast tenant farmers residing in Maszewo with her
parents. Marriage was preceded by three anouncements: October 31st,
November 7th, & 14th on Sundays in the Evangelical Church in Plock,
Bride's parish but not in the Groom's parish since the Parson of the
Brwilno Parish did not wish to announce due to different faiths of the
newlyweds. Father of the Groom gave conscious permission for the
marriage. Newlyweds did not draw up a prenuptial agreement. This
document was read to all present and was signed by the witnesses only
as all the others declared that they cannot read or write in the
Polish language.

Jacob Winkler (signature)

Christian Vogel (signature)

Ignatius Karl Wilhelm Boerner, Pastor Plock Parish

NOTE: Names of parents mentioned on Marriage Record

Original Document Transcribed

>From the Polish Language by

Dr. Margaret Pokroy

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