[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village of Drozna, Russia

Gerrie gml at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 22 02:38:39 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone

My Grandmother was born in Volhynia, Russia and came to Canada with her father in 1913.  He returned in 1922 to bring his wife and son to Canada and she never heard from the family again.  We have been searching for some information on the family with very few leads.  We know that her mothers name was Anna (Guse) and that she had a sister Paulina (Guse) Steinke that came to Canada about 1900.   

Does anyone know whereabouts the Village of Drozna, Russia was.  I have a researcher from  the BallinStadt Family Research Center in Hamburg who has discovered that  between 1882 and 1914 only 5 people came from Drozna, including my ancestors.  She  could not find this place in any maps.

In the Hamburg State Archives the researcher found the embarkation of my ancestors.
        "August Marcinkowski, farmworker, aged 43, married, and Maria Marcinkowski, aged 16, unmarried,                           farmworker, both from Drozna, Russia.  They embarked on the SS Pisa on August 29, 1913 for Quebec.
         (373-7 Emigration Office I, VIII A1 , Vol 265, p. 2941)

Thank you for your help


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