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The naturalization application may contain helpful information, especially
if it was after 1917.  You can apply to the Citizenship and Immigration
Canada for the Naturalization Certificate and any supporting documentation
by completing an Access to Information Request Form.  This form should be
downloadable from the government of Canada website.  I used this approach to
find the date and place of arrival of my great grandfather and his family.
If your ancestor took a homestead then the homestead file may note the
naturalization certificate number as naturalization was required in order to
obtain full title to the homestead.

Hope this helps.

Dick Stein

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> I'm stuck and I must be overlooking something. I am looking for an
> ancestor (Joseph Dembeck). The 1901 census indicates that he and his
> grandmother came to Canada (Manitoba) in 1895. I've gone through the
> ship's lists for 1895 to no avail. Granted, some of the lists are
> very hard to read, so he may have been on an illegible page.
> Where else can I look to find emigration records or at least clues to
> the emigration record? He was born outside of Warsaw in 1889, and
> joined his aunt and her husband near Winnipeg.
> Thanks for all your ideas!
> Laurelei
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