[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Parish Records - Shitomir, Tuczyn and Rowno

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Sun Mar 25 06:34:58 PDT 2007

I visited the Rowno area in 1996 and through an interpreter, hired the  
supervisor of the records department in Rowno to complete a review of the  records 
and provide a certification of some birth records. The office was  called The 
Rowno Region Administration of Justice.  I was very  surprised that all three 
birth records plus one death record were found  and matched exactly the 
information that I had in my family records. My  father, August Richter and twin 
brother, Ewald were born in 1904 plus  another brother, Adolph was born in 1902. 
All were born in  Anelivka, "Rowno Lutheran Church, Zhitomer Parish" The 
transaction was  very friendly and all went well.
I was unable, however, to find any information on the birth of my  
grandfather, Gustav Richter. According to EWZ files he was born in Jelowice in  1870 and 
died during WWI in Russia. Also missing is a record of Gustav's  father's 
death. He died in a hunting accident at Jelowice, just before the  family went to 
Siberia. I think this was 1915. I would greatly  appreciate some direction in 
continuing my research 
Heinrich Richter

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