[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Place search: Dobriner Land, Lipno

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sun May 6 20:35:21 PDT 2007


I am convinced that Kuzniki is the correct 
place.  The "ach" at the end of place names can 
replace a variety of endings such as iec, ice, 
ski, i, and so on.  It is a unique place name and 
it is the only match in this region.

It took quite a bit of searching but I finally 
found a map that shows Marianowo at 
.  It is not shown on my detailed modern map.

Look down the left side until you come to the 
Weichsel / Wisla River.  On the north bank at 
this point is Wlecz.  Continue looking north and 
you will see, in order, Pokrzywno, Marianowo, and 
Stajeczyny.  Stajecynki was a short distance to the west of there.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 04:02 PM 06/05/2007, BirgitSteinke&GerhardAJabs wrote:
>Hello listers,
>I am searching for the villages of Kuznin or 
>Kuznik and Marianowo in the area of
>Krystyna Wyll nee Vossów [Christina Voss Will], 
>one of my ancestors, died in 1868 in
>Marianowo. The death certificate (No. 103), 
>written in Cyrillic font, was found in
>the church records of Osiek nad Wisla (Osówka) 
>in Lipno. The place of birth is named
>as Kuznin or Kuznik: "w Kuzninach" or "w 
>Kuznikach". I only found Kuzniki in the
>northwest part of the Dobriner Land, but I’m not 
>sure, if this is the place meant in
>the certificate. Kuzniki is about 10 miles (16 
>kilometers) east of Torun/Thorn. -
>Also the place of death, Marianowo, was not 
>found in the area of the parish of Osiek
>nad Wisla (Osówka) in Lipno, but in the county 
>of Rypin. In the county Lipno there’s
>only a village named Mariankowo, near 
>Stajeczynki. - The daughters of Krystyna Wyll
>nee Vossów [Christina Voss Will] - Krystyna Wyll 
>(*1833/1834) and Anna Wyll (*1839) -
>were born in Stajeczynki. Also one of the 
>witnesses named in the death certificate,
>was living in Stajeczynki. This facts lead to my 
>suppose, that Mariankowo could be
>the place meant in the certificate No. 103. -
>Jerry, I would appreciate it if you could look at this and advise me.
>If someone is interested in a copy of the 
>certificate (size 983 kB) in order to read
>the birthplace and the place of death, please reply directly to me.
>Gerhard (Jabs)
>Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany

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