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Tue May 15 10:13:29 PDT 2007

For about a dozen years I've searched for records in Volhynia that would 
point me back to Poland. In Poland I only had one valid record in the Chelm area, 
and have been unable to find the backup for it.  I kept working at it, asking 
members what I should do, letting them know who I was researching, and asking 
for help, ideas, what to do next. 
Last weekend I recieved an email from Al Muth with the following subject line 
"Are these your grandparents Victor?" Al had found the marriage record in the 
Volhynian Rozyszcze Parish film for Ludwig Jess & Juliane Rode, the event 
took place November 12, 1891.  The Polish villages for the bride & groom are 
Chmielewo, Lomza Gubernia (NE of Pultusk) and Bielsko, Lublin Gubernia.  Thinking 
the Rozyszcze films should be reviewed, a few months ago I hired a researcher 
to go through them.  The record was not found.  Al explained the marriage 
records are not alphabetized and are not in chronological order, making research 
very difficult.  The Winston Churchill lesson certainly applies here, "Never, 
Never, Never give up!"
I'm now looking forward to moving ahead of course another big thank you to Al.
Victor Gess
Researching in Poland and Volhynia

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