[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The brick wall is crumbling

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You have waited a long time.   Now you can join the rest of us, 
including Al Muth, trying to find their way out of Poland. :-)


DrVbuzz at aol.com wrote:
> For about a dozen years I've searched for records in Volhynia that would 
> point me back to Poland. In Poland I only had one valid record in the Chelm area, 
> and have been unable to find the backup for it.  I kept working at it, asking 
> members what I should do, letting them know who I was researching, and asking 
> for help, ideas, what to do next. 
> Last weekend I recieved an email from Al Muth with the following subject line 
> "Are these your grandparents Victor?" Al had found the marriage record in the 
> Volhynian Rozyszcze Parish film for Ludwig Jess & Juliane Rode, the event 
> took place November 12, 1891.  The Polish villages for the bride & groom are 
> Chmielewo, Lomza Gubernia (NE of Pultusk) and Bielsko, Lublin Gubernia.  Thinking 
> the Rozyszcze films should be reviewed, a few months ago I hired a researcher 
> to go through them.  The record was not found.  Al explained the marriage 
> records are not alphabetized and are not in chronological order, making research 
> very difficult.  The Winston Churchill lesson certainly applies here, "Never, 
> Never, Never give up!"
> I'm now looking forward to moving ahead of course another big thank you to Al.
> Victor Gess
> Researching in Poland and Volhynia
> Dering/Gess/Jess/Jesse/Jescke/Rode/Rohde/Wonek/Wonnek/Wonneck/Riske/Schmuland
> Julianowka/Karlswalde/Moczulki/Satyjew/Shinufka
> Bielsko/Chmielewo/Kalisch/Karolinow/Plock
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