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The question is which dialect...
Groen is a Germanic word- Groen is a common Dutch name- Grass

Gruen = green as already stated. -high german
Groen = grass -dutch or old middle german

I would look for both translations in Polish, (green and grass) if  
they exist in the first place-Not everyone opted for a do-over of  
their surname. Gruen/Groen.
I've seen it written as 'Kranke/Kranka'

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O.E. grene, earlier groeni, related to O.E. growan "to grow," from  
W.Gmc. *gronja- (cf. O.Fris. grene, O.N. gr?nn, Dan. gr?n, Du. groen,  
Ger. gr?n), from PIE base *gro- "grow," through sense of "color of  
living plants." The color of jealousy at least since Shakespeare  
(1596); "Greensleeves," ballad of an inconstant lady-love, is from  
1580. Meaning of "a field, grassy place" was in O.E. Sense of "of  
tender age, youthful" is from 1412; hence "gullible" (1605).  
Greenhorn (containing the sense of "new, fresh, recent") was first  
"young horned animal" (1455), then "recently enlisted  
soldier" (1650), then "any inexperienced person" (1682). Green light  
in figurative sense of "permission" is from 1937. Green and red as  
signals on railways first attested 1883, as nighttime substitutes for  
semaphore flags. Green beret originally "British commando" is from  
1949. Green room "room for actors when not on stage" is from 1701;  
presumably a well-known one was painted green.

-see Germanic etymology: "grass"- must klikken the URL>

On May 16, 2007, at 2:39 PM, Rose Ingram wrote:

> I realize there are several varitions of the surname Graenke -  
> Groenke,
> Grenke etc.
> Does anyone know what the Polish version many be?
> Rose Ingram
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