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I would be very hesitant in confusing "Krahn" and "Groenke" as being  
the same surname.
"Krahn" is a distinct surname as is the surname "Groenke".

"Krahn" relates to the early Pommern area-
"Groenke" could well relate to early Dutch settlers (1500's)

Groenke is also written as "Gronke"

On May 17, 2007, at 4:28 AM, Reiner Kerp wrote:

> Hello Rose,
> welcome to the funny-farm!
>> In 1820 the records the records start with Polish writing and some
>> names are written in Polish.  1822 I find two records showing
>> parents as a Pawel Wa,siewski and Wa,soski and Elisabeth Heg.
>> I don't know what to make of this.
> In Sompolno oo 1857/37 thje bride ist named as Anną Krystyną  
> GRENKE vel
> WĄSOWSKĄ (the pastor here "officially" records the varaint).
> In Sompolno oo 1844/43 is a "Michał WĄSOSKI" born abt 1826/1829  
> Lubsin whose
> name is verfied as GRENKE. Parents are Paul GRENKE and Ludwiga HEIN.
> WĄSOWSKI comes from  wąs which means beard. This is taken from the  
> very far
> spiky hairs of a ear.
> HEG should be read as HEY (a very common transcriptional change -  
> see also
> The variant ZIELINSKI is well known.
> But be aware of the German variants:
> GREN-KE is the diminiutiv of GREN. An often found variant of that  
> name is
> KRENC. Changing the G to K and the Genitiv-S to C. Another is KRAHN  
> (GREN)
> ore KRAN(T)Z, replacing the E by an A.
> Best wishes,
> Reiner

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