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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Thu May 17 10:54:07 PDT 2007


Ah Ha,  it is the Paul Graenke and Anna Elisabeth Hein family I found in 
Lubsin records.
Thank you for sharing the GRENKE vel  WĄSOWSKĄ variation.  I wonder if this 
variation only relates to this family.
Even  WĄSOWSKĄ has spelling variations...

The Registrar  is Erdmann Schauer, a teacher,  in German written records, 
then Hieronim Szauer in the Polish written records.   Adam Bartosch / 
Bartosz is also a Registrar.

There are perhaps less than 150 families from Kozy, Kozki and Lubsin area 
and not many records in each year  so it is easy to spot the name changes. 
There is the odd groom from Babiak or Chodecz or Slesein area marrying here. 
There are a few brides who indicate their birth record in recorded in the 
Wladyslawow church records.    Then the children move on  or their marriages 
are found in Sompolno or other nearby larger town records.

We are in the process of extracting these Lubsin records and will be adding 
them to the main Pedigree Database later this year.  Many whose birth 
records are in Lubsin will merge with the data already in the Pedigree 
Database. .   It is all coming together, in this area at least.

Thanks to all for your input.

Rose Ingram

From: "Reiner Kerp"
> Hello Rose,
> welcome to the funny-farm!
>> In 1820 the records the records start with Polish writing and some
>> names are written in Polish.  1822 I find two records showing
>> parents as a Pawel Wa,siewski and Wa,soski and Elisabeth Heg.
>> I don't know what to make of this.
> In Sompolno oo 1857/37 thje bride ist named as Anną Krystyną GRENKE vel
> WĄSOWSKĄ (the pastor here "officially" records the varaint).
> In Sompolno oo 1844/43 is a "Michał WĄSOSKI" born abt 1826/1829 Lubsin 
> whose
> name is verfied as GRENKE. Parents are Paul GRENKE and Ludwiga HEIN.
> WĄSOWSKI comes from  wąs which means beard. This is taken from the very 
> far
> spiky hairs of a ear.
> HEG should be read as HEY (a very common transcriptional change - see also
> The variant ZIELINSKI is well known.
> But be aware of the German variants:
> GREN-KE is the diminiutiv of GREN. An often found variant of that name is
> KRENC. Changing the G to K and the Genitiv-S to C. Another is KRAHN (GREN)
> ore KRAN(T)Z, replacing the E by an A.
> Best wishes,
> Reiner

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