[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] +++ Volhynian gathering in Germany in September

grit.elgert Grit.Elgert at gmx.de
Thu May 24 12:52:34 PDT 2007

Dear Edie,

this will be the right website for your questions


Gerhard or Irene Koenig probabbly will give you the answers.

Grit Elgert
Hannover, Lower-Saxony
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  Hello: I have the opportunity to be in Germany in late Aug-early Sept. and would like to know more about the Volhynian gathering that takes place in Linstow the first Saturday of September.
    I am not finding any information on the Volhynian museum website (umsiedlermuseum.wolhynien.de) that appears to be related to the 2007 meeting. Would our German members please reply with information on the meeting and suggest transport/hotel options for the area? 
    Thank you/danke schoen
    Edie Adam

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