[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Discussion Board back in operation

Jerry Frank GPVListAdmin at sggee.org
Sun May 27 07:41:05 PDT 2007

As some of you are aware, we had to close our Discussion Board last 
summer due to a major spam attack.  We have researched new systems 
and thanks to our technical administrator, Matt Warner, we now have a 
new Board in operation.

 From the drop-down menu of our website, simply click Communicate > 
Discussion Board.  To return to the main website, click on the logo, 
upper left.

We were able to transfer over most of the old messages from the old 
system.  For some reason a few would not transfer but most 
did.  Certain time sensitive items no longer relevant were also removed.

You will have to sign up to use the Board.  This prevents further 
spam attacks from happening.  If you had previously signed up on the 
old Board, you will have to do it again as it was not possible to 
transfer the old signatures to the new Board.

This mailing list is still our primary means of communication.  The 
Discussion Board is provided mainly for those who do not want to 
subscribe to a distribution list but have a question or two that they 
need help with.

Both the Board and our Archived Mail List can be searched from the 
main Search Engine on our web pages.  These postings are also open to 
GOOGLE searches so that someone searching a year or two from now will 
continue to find your postings.

Jerry Frank - List Administrator for [Ger-Poland-Volhynia]
GPVListAdmin at sggee.org

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