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Sat Nov 3 08:14:38 PDT 2007

My grandmother tells of and "Onkel Grameen (Gramine) who was an important 
government person in Russia....minister or diplomat....he and his wife were 
childless so they adopted her little sister, Dorothea, shortly after their 
mother died in 1903.  She remembers riding in a coach with him and he said she 
could reach in his pockets and whatever she could count, she could keep.

Family stories say that this uncle came to America or Canada soon after.

My grandmother's name was Karoline Stach, born Eschenthal/Taganrog, Russia 
(near the Black See).  This uncle was from her mother's side who was Karoline 
Reinbaum (1857)listed on EWZ records as from Kathrinoslaw, gest. in Eschenthal.

Apparently the Reinbaums orginally were from Lodz where they had a cloth 
factory.  They were Jewish. Stories say that Russians set fire and burned the 
factory down.

Where do you suggest I look to try to find out more about this...I did some 
google and wikipedia so far and some lists so far.

Rita Lyster

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