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Sat Nov 3 09:12:29 PDT 2007

Once more...for my book...I want to have the correct spellings of places:

In the vicinity of Mydzk (Krs.Kostopol) my Dad talks of villages with markets.  
I found Stepan that he says was about 10 km away.  Another village sounds like 
Osov or Vasolf??  A bigger city that was further than Stepan was Drajna??  Here 
you could buy more things and there was a taylor that sewed suits.

They got the mail at Stugeon ??

On the way to Lodz during the time of resettlement, they were on a train and 
stopped (siding of the train tracks) at Zlazna or Slozna??

Then the camps after Lodz were Kalisch?? and then Waldhorst?? which was 
supposidly a former Jewish resort now turned refugee camp?

In my mother's story, again during the resettlement:

families left by train....I did not go to Rozyszcze, I went to Kievritz??

The book is progressing very well....I am hoping to get to a publisher shortly 
after Christmas!!

Rita Lyster

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