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That is so funny...I remember my Dad asking for "more prips".  Now I know where 
that came from.

Rita Lyster

Quoting Howard Krushel <krushelh at telus.net>:

> During the Great Depression, the Mennonites in Southern Manitoba drank a
> coffee substitute, made from ground and roasted cereal(barley?)which in Low
> German was known as PRIPS; would there have been a high German equivalent to
> the word Prips?
> Howard Krushel 
> Yes, Zichorie indeed. In Eastprussia in the late 1930s and early 1940s,
> Zichorie (coffee)
> was the staple drink, and yes, it came in a round package. When brewed it
> was black and looked like coffee.    
> Of course the taste was quite different, when brewed too strong it would get
> quite bitter. There was another lower grade (Ersatz) brew. Barley grain
> roasted in a pan, then ground up and used for making a (coffee?) The taste
> was quite remote from the real coffee taste. It also had a name which
> unfortunately I don't remember.
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