[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish for Wolter?

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 3 20:32:13 PDT 2007


I found the village of Dombki about 2-3 Km north East of Siemiatkowo on my old Polish map.
There is a village called Stanislawowo about 9 Km north West of Siemiatkowo, or about 20 Km north East of Sierpc.   I'm not sure this fits with your Stanislawka theory.
There are filmed Evangelical birth records from Sierpc up to 1885.  And Baptist records from 1870-1880.

Rose Ingram

  From: Otto 

  > Otto, where was Rudolf Walter in his adult years?
  Mostly in the US, unbeknownst to me.
  It is a complicated tale.
  Rudolph came to the States in 1906.(New York harbor), age 28,
   (supposed birth 1878) 
  He also states he left Siemiatkowo, Russia 1906. (Siemental/ 
  Siemiatkowo, Russian Poland-Sierpc Parish/Plock Province)
  My Mom said they lived at a crossroad named 'Domke' (polish Dabki),  
  about 2k. northwest of Siemiatkowo.
  'Domke' could well be a relative and the property owner's name.
  I've come across Domke/Walter marriage in surrounding Posen records  
  beginning 1800's.
  ------snipped - 
  I need a marriage record of Rudolph Walter and Wanda Langas.
  It will state his parents names and location necessary for earlier  
  and lateral research.
  There are unsubstantiated? and substantiated clues as to location.
  1. St. Pete extractions: Rudolph Walter b. 1877 place/Stanislawka,   
  father Theodor,  Mother Auguste Arnold ??
  2. My younger brother was named 'Theodore' by my Mom.
  Why a Greek name when the rest of us had German given names-
  3. Wanda mentioned the names 'Plonsk' and 'Plock'.? Residence? or  
  4. I found a 1945 land record for a 'Wanda Walter' in Plock.
  5. Gustav Paad was a cousin of Wanda's from Russian Poland.
  6. Adam Fobell was from Russian Poland.  The only place I located the  
  surname 'Fobell' was in the Plock area.

  All of the clues are connected to Rudolph... maybe.
  It is never too early to ask questions.

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