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Evening Rose,
Thank you for your effort.

You will note I stated the only mention I find so far of a 'Rudolph  
Walter' born around 1878 is in the the St. Petersburg extractions.
 >1. St. Pete extractions: Rudolph Walter b. 1877 place/ 
Stanislawka,   father Theodor,  Mother Auguste Arnold ??<
This would place the village 'Stanislawka' in Volhynia.  I have no  
way of substantiating that this is the Rudolph Walter I seek.
I am hoping someone will say. "No. it isn't."
The abundance of people bearing the 'Walter' surname creates a  
difficulty in isolating specific ones.
Somewhere, someone will remember a Walter who was the blacksmith.

A marriage record of Rudolph and Wanda is necessary.
I have all of the Sichelberg/Sierpc microfilms on long-term hold at  
the Kirtland, Ohio Family History Center.
To date it has not proved out to be a fruitful search.

Their first child Lydia, was born December 1905.
Wanda was born 1882- She may have married somewhere between the dates  

On Nov 3, 2007, at 11:32 PM, Rose Ingram wrote:

> Otto,
> I found the village of Dombki about 2-3 Km north East of  
> Siemiatkowo on my old Polish map.
> There is a village called Stanislawowo about 9 Km north West of  
> Siemiatkowo, or about 20 Km north East of Sierpc.   I'm not sure  
> this fits with your Stanislawka theory.
> There are filmed Evangelical birth records from Sierpc up to 1885.   
> And Baptist records from 1870-1880.
> Rose Ingram
> From: Otto
> ----snipped-----
> > Otto, where was Rudolf Walter in his adult years?
> Mostly in the US, unbeknownst to me.
> It is a complicated tale.
> -snipped
> Rudolph came to the States in 1906.(New York harbor), age 28,
>  (supposed birth 1878)
> ----snipped-------
> He also states he left Siemiatkowo, Russia 1906. (Siemental/
> Siemiatkowo, Russian Poland-Sierpc Parish/Plock Province)
> My Mom said they lived at a crossroad named 'Domke' (polish Dabki),
> about 2k. northwest of Siemiatkowo.
> 'Domke' could well be a relative and the property owner's name.
> I've come across Domke/Walter marriage in surrounding Posen records
> beginning 1800's.
> ------snipped -
> I need a marriage record of Rudolph Walter and Wanda Langas.
> It will state his parents names and location necessary for earlier
> and lateral research.
> There are unsubstantiated? and substantiated clues as to location.
> 1. St. Pete extractions: Rudolph Walter b. 1877 place/Stanislawka,
> father Theodor,  Mother Auguste Arnold ??
> 2. My younger brother was named 'Theodore' by my Mom.
> Why a Greek name when the rest of us had German given names-
> 3. Wanda mentioned the names 'Plonsk' and 'Plock'.? Residence? or
> confinement?
> 4. I found a 1945 land record for a 'Wanda Walter' in Plock.
> 5. Gustav Paad was a cousin of Wanda's from Russian Poland.
> 6. Adam Fobell was from Russian Poland.  The only place I located the
> surname 'Fobell' was in the Plock area.
> All of the clues are connected to Rudolph... maybe.
> It is never too early to ask questions.

. . .   Otto

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