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Thank you Nadine,
I have the Maryland Port Entry information.
Also the 1910 US Census report.
I had to obtain them the hard way before the Internet was available  
to us.

The Draft Registration information I did not have!
If the birth date 4 May 1878 is correct, this is great info.
The year 1878 matches the count-back from Rudolph's age when he  
entered the States.

It gives me a completely different view of the situation. It may  
explain why I never could find Rudolph's reentry to the US after  
WW1.  1918 sounds too early of a date to be back from Europe.  Tales  
may have been woven around his leaving with the family in the first  
He may never have left. . .
Wanda may have left with her children and returned to Russian Poland  
on her own.

One of my cousin Juergen's favorite sayings is "One answer creates  
two questions."

My first need is still a marriage license of Rudolph and Wanda to  
step back into the past and research laterally.

In searching SGGEE's Master Pedigree Archives I did find a Rudolph  
Walter born in the 1850's in Radziejow south of Hohensalza.
Here we have a similarity of a given name.
A trail may lead from here...
This would place Walter south of the Weichsel while Langas was  
Northeast of the Weichsel in Praschnitz/Przasnysz Parish-Nasielsk ???

Thank you Rose, for the Plonsk Archive advise.

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> Otto,
>  This may or may not help, but I checked www.ancestry.com and below  
> is the information found:
> WWI Draft Registration dated Sept. 10, 1918:
> Rudolf Walter born 4May1878 - Russia.
> Residence: North Bradock/Braddock, PA.
> Spouse: Wanda.
> Employed: Westinghouse Electric

. . .   Otto

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