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    It is unlikely that there is a correlation between the names Sampert and Senkpeil.  Senkbeil is of Low German origin from about 1471.  In some areas (including Poland) the name does appear to have gone through several mutations with Schinkel, Senkbeil, Senkpfeil, Sengbeil, Singbeil even Zinkbeil in Bessarabia.

John Marsch


  There is one Sampert in the Michalki, Rypin, Plock church records and lots
  of Senkpiel/Senkpyl that I have thought might be a variation, maybe Polish -
  don't know.  Maybe someone else can comment on that.

  Anyway, my ancestors come from this area back to the 1700/1800s and I have a
  number of names that originated in the UK such as Fagin, Fitsch, Meister
  (Master).  In those years the migration was eastward.


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  And, how about our family name SAMPERT, Lutherans that moved to Tomazov-Maz,
  Congress Poland and later To Alberta, Canada ?
   Family oral  history tells us they may have originated from the Alsace
  Lorraine area.
  Sampert doesn't sound like a French name to me.

  lloyd friedrick


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  I have heard several people indicate their ancestors orginated from Alsace
  Lorraine, and I believe it mostly to be generalization of the area.
  My husband has Kirsch in his family and was told they came from Alsace
  Lorraine.  After some lengthy research I discovered they came from
  Luxembourg. Well that is close.
  By the way Kirsch is as common in Luxembourg as Jones is in Wales.

  Rose Ingram

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