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Wed Nov 7 11:00:55 PST 2007

Hello Rita:
My family's stories about fleeing from the Soviets in the east during WWII are enough to make you shudder. I've never heard anything positive about the aftermath in the Soviet zones of control in Germany after the war. I've spoken with many survivors of that time. While their accounts are anectodal, I did come across a?US government report,?while working at the Hughes library of the Defence Intelligence Agency in Washington DC a number of years ago, that documented the horrendous conditions and treatment of German women by the occupying Soviets during the years following the end of the war. Small wonder there is still so much resentment among the former "East" Germans.
Kurt Gillies

rlyster at telusplanet.net wrote:
> Does anyone know about this?
> After the war (2) was over, my father is still a POW in Russia and? 
> he says one
> evening about 50 German women came to the camp for a few hours? 
> only. They were
> nicely dressed and didnot appear to be in distress. The Russian? 
> group seemed
> to pay them quite a bit of attention.
> Dad says that they were taking German men and young boys to Siberia? 
> to work.
> Were women volunteering to go?
> Does anyone know anything about these type of women?
> Rita Lyster
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