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Hi Barbara,

Sorry, I can't help you with your question about where to find records -
possibly others can.  However, it must have been the Russian army, rather
than the German army, that came through in September 1939.  Chelm is in
Lublin province which was annexed by Russia in September 1939.  This is
confirmed by the fact that your Treichel family was resettled to the part of
Poland annexed by Germany.

Dick Stein

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> Dear listers
>             I am looking for information on my grandmother Emlie Richert
> married to Ludwik Treichel. I have a resettlement record for the family of
> Ludwik Treichel, on which she is listed a  Emelia Treichel born Rechert,
> daughter of Wilhelm, and Karolina Lucht, born 18 December 1874 in Ludwiki,
> gm Cycow.  Oral history lists Karolina Locht as Emilie's step mother as
> opposed to birth mother.  Emilie and Ludwik's children were all born in
> Chelm province, starting with the oldest in March 1897. I have searched
> Lublin parish records but did not find an Emilie Richert born in 1874.
> Where should I look for a record of her birth or marriage?
>             In September 1939 the family was living in Lowcza, Chelm.
> the German army came through all the buildings on the Treichel farm were
> burned down.  Emilie who was crippled was carried from the burning house
> an underground bunker where she died. Family members who remember that day
> seem to think that she was given a hasty burial right there, however the
> neighbors who shared that bunker are of the opinion that order was
> quickly and that she would have been given a proper burial, possibly at a
> small Luthern cemetery south of nearby Piaski. If there is any record of
> this death, where should I look for it??
> Barbara Nakahara
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