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Hi Barbara,
I am one of the volunteers indexing the parish records from Trinity  
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lublin, and I have also extracted information  from the 
LDS 1871-1873 microfilms of birth records from this church. I do not  have 
the 1874 birth records on my dvds from the church. However, a Wilhelm  Roechert 
married to Christine Bigalke had a son, Samuel, on 14 January 1872 in  
Czerwonke Male near Lubartow who was baptised in Lublin; this is not far from  Cycow. 
This is a possible match for your family if Christine was a first wife to  
Wilhelm. However, there are other Roechert families in the area as well as those 
 whose name is spelled Richert. Once the indexes from the Lublin dvds are  
complete, you may even find Emilie's birth record there. Then you will be able  
to order it from the church.
Karl Krueger will have an article about this project in an upcoming issue  of 
the SGGEE Journal. This indexing project will go slowly because most of the  
records are in Polish or Cyrillic.
Sigrid Pohl Perry
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Dear  listers

I am looking for  information on my grandmother Emlie Richert
married to Ludwik Treichel. I  have a resettlement record for the family of
Ludwik Treichel, on which she  is listed a  Emelia Treichel born Rechert,
daughter of Wilhelm, and  Karolina Lucht, born 18 December 1874 in Ludwiki,
gm Cycow.  Oral  history lists Karolina Locht as Emilie's step mother as
opposed to birth  mother.  Emilie and Ludwik's children were all born in
Chelm province,  starting with the oldest in March 1897. I have searched
Lublin parish  records but did not find an Emilie Richert born in 1874.
Where should I  look for a record of her birth or marriage?

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