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On Nov 16, 2007, at 2:20 PM, rlyster at telusplanet.net wrote:
> I have checked a few reference sources however have not found an  
> answer to this
> one:
> Can a person be overcome by the aroma of hemp flowers....story  
> about a little
> girl scolded by her parents, ran into the hemp field and fell  
> asleep.  They
> found her skeleton during harvest?
> Any comments out there?
> Rita

  Evening Rita

I assume you are speaking of yesteryear in Europe...
The lands of our forefathers...
Where industrial hemp (cannabis) was and still is raised as a cash crop.
For its fiber, oil and food value.
A hemp plant is as useful as a pig on which only the squeal goes to  
Almost all countries grow hemp as a cash crop, legally that is,  
except the US.

Hemp, is oft confused with cannabis indica, a hybrid variety  
producing a large volume of TCH (tetrahydrocannabinal), a pychoactive  
chemical (resin) with hallucinogenic effects.  I've never heard of it  
being used as an anesthetic by the THC being introduced into the  
bloodstream let alone sniffing flowers of industrial hemp or even  
those of cannabis indica.

Ingesting a pound or so of THC resin by a person may result in  
death.. a quart or so of alcohol, an anesthetic, would be quicker.

*ll of those flowers on plants in bloom highly suggests an abundance  
of honey bees, resulting in a much heightened chance of bee sting and  
anaphylactic shock from the allergic reaction to the sting.  Sudden  
cardiovascular collapse 88% of the time.  Back then one could not  
whip out an Epi-Pen and inject a histamine antagonist. A person had  
about 30 minutes to make his peace...

Your tale sounds like a 'who-dunit' or more-so 'what-dunit' to me.

> . . .   Otto

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