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Thank you Otto, Reiner and Jerry for your responses.  The following  will 
provide more information:
My grandfather was Gottlieb Schindel born 10May1882 around Lublin.   His 
confirmation certificate (which is very tattered) was signed by the Rev.  Johann 
Theodor Ernst Barth - Parish of Nowograd-Wolynsk.  His parents were  Ludwig 
Schindel/Schendel and Emilia Scheske.  Gottlieb also had a cousin  named Gottlieb 
who was born 14Oct1891 and was from Nicolajev, Russia.   Cousin Gottlieb said 
his father was also named Gottlieb (now we have three  Gottlieb ancestors) 
and mother Justina (possibly Welske/Welshe).
Ludwig and Emilia Scheske Schindel went to the US July 1904 to Cleveland  
then to Michigan.  Ludwig was born about 1844 and Emilia about 1859.   Emilia 
died in Michigan 12Oct1910.  Ludwig remarried and his marriage  certificate 
states his father was also named (you guessed it) Gottlieb.   Mother's name was 
listed as "unknown".
I hope to find out the names of Ludwig's parents and his siblings.  I  
suspect that Ludwig had a brother named Gottlieb who was the father of the  cousin, 
Gottlieb.  Also did this Schindel/Scheske family live near Lublin  then moved 
to the Nowgrad-Wolynsk area?  One daughter of Ludwig and Emilia  (Wilhelmina) 
had told her family she was born in Novovolynsk near the Bug  River.  The 
names of Emilia's parents also remain a mystery, but she is  somehow related 
(either a sister or a cousin) to the following Scheske's who  lived in Cleveland, 
Julius Scheske born 28JUL1862 son of Martin Scheske, mother's name  unknown.  
Possibly from "Stowo"
Frederich (?) Scheske born about 1877
Michael Scheske born 5AUG1861 possibly Petrikau, Russia - possibly from  
"Solotish, Russia.  His father 
   was Martin Scheske and mother possibly Louise Eker or Louise  Schneider.
Anna Elizabeth Scheske Mayer/Meyer/Meier born 26JUN1870 - father Martin  
Scheske, mother Louisa 
   Schneider.  Anna was the wife of Frederick Meyer.
Louis Scheske born 7May1886 Volyhnia - Father Samuel Scheske, mother Amelia  
"Bauwelt"  Louis was the nephew of my great grandmother, Emilia Scheske  
Emilia's death certificate states her father's name was William and mother  
(first name only) Suzanne.  I don't know if this is correct since I have  
found, in some cases, the person giving the information may have given it  
Again, I am hoping to trace the Schindel/Schendel/Scheske families back to  
their native areas.  I have extensive information in regard to their US and  
Canadian history.  I have found information from various sites, but I don't  
know how commonplace the surname Schindel is and if I am looking at the correct  
I would appreciate any help from my fellow SGGEE members to see if we can  
trace these families.  Thank you so very much.
Nadine Erdman Saiki

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