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In answer to Jerry's question about whether Christians would have allowed 
Muslims to use their building, Edith McKelvy's note suggests that maybe 
these people were more tolerant than we give them credit for, at least 
occasionally.  There's always the possibility that economics had something 
to do with it.  A few extra rubles for upkeep, and all that.  Another 
possibility (why oh why didn't I pursue this while Alice was still alive?) 
is that maybe these Tatars had been converted by these Baptists.  There was 
a "spiritual awakening" in the area, I think, about 1926 or 27.  But why 
then would they worship separately?  A matter of language, perhaps?

Then there's the possibility that Alice's memory was playing tricks on her, 
rendering this whole discussion rather moot.  I was hoping for some 
confirmation of her story, but apparently there is none to be had.  Anyway, 
maybe we've learned a little more about Tatars and Cossacks..  Thanks to 

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>>Otto Schienke has sent me this link to an article on the Tatars in
>>Note their long-standing presence in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.  A few
>>may well have strayed into Volhynia, no?
> Certainly it is possible that the Tatars were in Volhynia.  However, it 
> still begs the question - would the Christians have allowed the Muslims to 
> use their building and would the Muslims have wanted to use it?
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