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Walter & Barbara Treichel wtreiche at frontiernet.net
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    I have an older cousin whose mother immigrated at the age of 12 from 
Lessapol, Volhynia that had told her children that Cossack Soldier would 
visit their farm.

Walter A Treichel

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> I get the impression that many of our ancestors referred to the local
> Ukrainian population as either Cossaks or Tatars.  I'm not sure why
> that was.  From reading the history of Cossaks and Tatars, there
> seems to be no evidence for them being in the Volhynian region.  It
> seems that the term evolved to be applied to any of the local
> populace - perhaps to the those of lowest social status such as
> gypsies and bands of thugs that would raid a village from time to
> time.  These are just some thoughts with little hard evidence to back them 
> up.

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