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Tue Oct 2 23:14:57 PDT 2007

Hi Joan,
    Unfortunately, the dates you gave don't add up
> I am searching to see where my ancestors lived.   I have  Stephan
> Christoph Wiese, born 6-4-1858 in Knieja, He married  Caroline
> Arndt, born 9-27-1937.
I assume you mean that his wife was born in 1837, but even that
doesn't seem right if he was born in 1858.

> His parents were Johan Wiese and Anna Susana Garchi or  Garcki.

> His children were Emilie born Oct 1856, Julius Sept 1858,  Herman
> 1860, Pauline August 1868, Emma Feb 18, 1878, and Ottilie  born
> 7-19-1879.
If Stephan was born in 1858, then these are not his children.  I
suspect that he was born prior to 1837, possibly 1828 (simple
typo) or possibly 1835.  Husbands were typically older than the
wives in the German colonies.  There are exceptions, but this is
generally the case.

> Son Herman immigrated from Russia, listing  his last residence of
> Plotzk, arriving in the US 10-11-1884.
He probably gave the county name instead of the actual village.   This
was a very common practice for immigrants from small villages.

>  Christoph immigrated from Russia, listing his last residence as
> Drialy, arriving in the US 5-26-1885.
Drwaly is a village in the county of Plock.

> Is Plotzk and Drialy in Poland, or are they part of  Bessarabia,  or
> both.   I would appreciate any help in tracking this  family.
As Rose mentioned, Plock (pronounced Plotzk by the Germans and
Poles) is a county and city in central Poland, and Drwaly is a  village
in the county of Plock.  I would recommend checking the records  for
Drwaly to see if you can find your family.
If you can find the marriage record for Stephen and Caroline, that
should give his birthplace and parents names.  It looks like you  may
already have that given the information that you have already  provided.
If so, do you have a scanned copy that someone could review for
additional details?
Good luck!

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