[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] history of German Volhynia population

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    I have just read the book to which Dick has referred.  Although I was previously familiar in broad terms with  German Volhynian settlement and history, I found the book provided more background of the larger German history in Russia despite the fact that Volhynia is mentioned only peripherally.
    The book may be available through your local public library.  It also can be purchased at http://www.genealogyunlimited.com 
I also encourage you to consider membership in SGGEE, a genealogy society entirely committed to Polish and Volhynian research.  Check out www.sggee.org and click on "About Us" for further information.

John Marsch



  The standard work in English on all Germans in Russia is still, I believe, 
  "From Catherine to Krushchev" by Adam Giesinger.  It's lighter on Volhynian 
  Germans than on Black Sea and Volga Germans, but it's probably the best 
  place to start.  It's available from the American Historical Society of 
  Germans from Russia (www.ahsgr.org/store) for $26.

  Dick Benert
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  > Hi list!
  > This is a bit off topic, but can someone give me a brief history of why
  > the Germans migrated to Volhynia or give me the names of some
  > books/sources (in English) where I can read about it? I have discovered
  > that both sets of my paternal grandparents either were born there or
  > their parents were. I have no idea what this area is except that the
  > borders changed a lot ( Poland/Russia/(Germany?)). It makes it very
  > confusing for me to figure out what is going on. Also, I would just like
  > to understand were they came from.
  > Thanks much,
  > Sharon Kitter

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