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This certainly solidifies what I have been told by my father and
grandfather.  The Cossacks used to ride through the village of Wola
Gorynska, outside of Warsaw, and whip the people and ride them down. 
My grandfather, Wladyslaw and his brothers Krawczyk as young men 18 to
22 years old would pull them down off their horses as they rode by and
whip them as they did their people.  The brothers quickly became
outlaws as a result and hunted by the Cossacks, and left the country. 
Wladyslaw immigrated to the USA in 1906 at the age of nineteen, and his
brothers followed shortly thereafter.

Ken Krawczyk

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> Hi...My grandparents also lived near Plotsk Poland in the late 1800's early
> 1900's and family lore has it that the Cossacks were considered a renigade
> army, and they would ride through the fields, raping the women, young &
> old...
> Another story is that my grandfather (as a young man) was perched on a horse
> & a noose placed around his neck to hang him...this done by the Cossacks, as
> they thought my grandfather was a spy. I believe I've sent this story out
> before, but my grandfather was newly married & he said he started to
> pray...the Cossacks thought they heard a sound & thought it was the other
> army coming (whatever other army, I do not know)...but they fled, leaving
> grandfather like that...he freed himself...
> Rae
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