[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Kopylowski and Gorczycki

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 21 15:56:11 PDT 2007

Hi Dick.  I cannot confirm nor dispute your assertion about this 
father.  I can say that certain unusual things happen regarding 
surnames without explanation.  I wonder if some people gave false 
names as a form of protest for having, as a Lutheran, to register at 
a Catholic Church.

My example is the surname Popefrankenstein, clearly written in the 
records of the Gluchow Catholic Church, east of Lodz in the 1820s.  I 
have never seen that surname either before or after in any location 
anywhere.  If you GOOGLE the name, you will only find my queries in 
several genealogical venues.  It seems illogical for someone to have 
such a surname yet use of it would have required, I think, the 
collusion of the witnesses.  I have not taken the time to try to 
trace the wife to see if a more correct name can be found elsewhere.

Could there be some reason for your father choosing to disguise his 
identity at the Catholic Church? Perhaps.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 01:51 PM 21/10/2007, Richard Stein wrote:
> >From Skulsk Catholic parish records, Eleonore Ziebart of Gawrony 
> married Andreas Kopylowski of Roznowo in 1826.  From Slesin 
> Catholic records, Eleonore Ziebart is the mother of children born 
> in Roznowo in 1827, 1829, and 1832; the father's name is given as 
> Andreas Gawronski, Andreas Gorczycki (not sure of this spelling), 
> and Zecm or Zum.  Skulsk and Slesin are neighboring parishes west 
> of Sompolno.
>I believe all 4 records relate to the same couple but, with the 
>discrepancies in the father's name. one can't be certain.  The name 
>Eleonore is quite unusual in these parishes, and her surname is 
>consistently given as Cybart (= Ziebart).  I haven't found any 
>matches to this couple in the SGGEE pedigree database other than the 
>marriage record cited above.
>Does anyone have an explanation for Andreas' inconsistent 
>surnames?  Did he not know his real surname and just gave whatever 
>came into his head?
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Dick Stein
>Calgary, Canada

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