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I don't know all of it without guessing, but "Gren" most likely is Grenadier and "Batl" is bataillon

>From http://www.feldgrau.com/glossary.html

"Grenadier: An historic German term often used to refer to heavy infantry units, originally refering to the task and type of weapon carried, in this case hand thrown explosives (now known as grenades). Early in WWII used to refer to certain units to signify their elite status. On 15th October 1942 all German regular infantry regiments were renamed as Grenadier-Regimenter in the hopes of increasing their morale by establishing links to their elite counter-part units of the past. Grenadier was also used later in WWII to refer to the basic level of German soldier in an infantry unit. Instead of simply being a Gefreiter one became a Grenadier. Other resurrected historic terms were Fusilier Jäger and Musketier."

"_isbl Batl"  could be "Ausbildungs-bataillion" - Training battalion

George Shoning

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> Our church is making a Remembrance Day display of ALL war veterans and have 
> asked me for a photo of my Dad along with regiment, etc. I have a photo and 
> there are abbreviations on the back: 
> 2 Gren. __isbl. Batl. (Hot) 42 
> Erlangen, Hitfor (I know Erlangen is the place he trained at) 
> If anyone wants to respond privately, I can attach the scan 
> Thanks, Rita 
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