[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Michael Arndt of Ashenforth

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 28 13:53:53 PDT 2007


Have you looked at the filmed church records of Jankendorf parish? - there are three films.  Most people living in Aschenforth had their births recorded in Jankendorf.  

I have found some of my ancestors in this parish, and have a list persons in these records.  There is a Michael Arndt and wife Elisabeth Guderjan with four children born in Aschenforth.   Three girls born in; 1784, 1785, and 1786 and a son Christian Friedrich born in April 1787.  I do not see any more children for this couple after 1787.  

Michael's birth may have been registered in another church nearby.

Rose Ingram

  I'm trying to find any information about Michael Arndt who was born  
  between 1786 and 1790 in Aschenforth, Rogasen, Posen, Poland. He had  
  three wives; Anna Kristine Walter, Anna Elizabeth Will, and then  
  Marianne Wenske.

  Michael's parents were Micheal Arndt and Eizabeth Guderjan (I have no  
  info on these people at all, or if they had more than the one child).

  Thanks to anyone who can be of assistance with my delve into the past.

  Daniel Dundee

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