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I have a Guderjan as baptislmal sponsor for a distant relative who's family 
emigrated from Reil GR. 

Maria Guderjan and John Mueller were sponsors for John Joseph Coenen, b. 22 
Jul 1888 in Westphalia IA, baptised by Rev. Peter Brommenschenkel at St. 
Boniface church in Westphalia. John Coenen was b, 29 Jun 1888, son of Anna Christina 
Butzen (b. 1 Dec 1857 in Reil) and John Coenen (b. 22 Apr 1858 in Reil), 
married 8 Jan 1884 in Westphalia IA. 

Both the Butzen line (my primary line) and the Coenen line are related 
multiple times to Arns/Arenz in Reil, and your Arndt may be an alternate spelling of 
the same. I was rather surprised to read your posting on the Posen board - 
you may want to try looking for more records from the Reil/Trier area in the 
Mosel region of Germany. Let me know if you come across anything interesting and 
can possibly make a connection. I still have living Arns relatives in Reil, 
and can take our Butzen and Arns lines back to the early-mid 1600's.


Maureen Murray Webb

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