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Afternoon Karl,
You asked:
" If it matters, the name Taron is likely of French Huegenot origin.  
Anyone have any good explanations what is going on here? Did everyone  
just forget her real maiden name or is there something else going on  
I don't recognize?"

Maybe I can add to the confusion. . .

Ratt/Radt (wheel) could well be a shortened form of Rattke/Radtke  
(little wheel or offspring of wheel)

Taron/Tarrun remains a challenge.

Your dates of the early mid-1800's  connected to name change may make  
the Huguenot identity questionable seeing the Huguenot settlement  
occurred in the 1700's.       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huguenot

If you pursue the 'French connection', I would give serious attention  
to the beginning of the 1800's and the armies of Napoleon.  They were  
not under present day military battlefield confrontations of 'you can  
run, but you cannot hide' satellite observation .  Generals back then  
would place their cannoneers behind the infantry and mow them down if  
they tried to flee.  To lose 100,000 men to 'the woods' was not  
uncommon. Even mounted cavalry officers found this useful to  
survival.  A name change for those who stayed was helpful to living a  
few more years... Saying "Good day" in Polish also helped greatly.

Also, Ratt or Radtke may have been the surname.
There well could have existed a confusing of Karoline Ratt/Radtke  
from Torun/Thorn with Ratt/Tarrun

etymolgy: this may help in deciphering translations of the term.
Proto-IE: *taron- <PIH *-rH->
Slavic: *t[ā]ronъ, *tъronъ: Kash tarȯn, trȯn (Sychta)
Germanic: *ʮunr-a- m., *ʮunr- m.  (click)
Celtic: Gaul (in Lat.) Taranis `thunder god'; Ir torann `thunder,  
thunder god'; Cymr taran id., OCorn taran id., Bret. taran id.
Russ. meaning: гром, бог-громовержец

The name 'Taron' is also of a district in Armenia
. . .   Otto

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