[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Anybody ever see the surname Ratt? Taron

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My cousin Otto Rimer (son of  Edward Rimer from Volhynia, 1910) who lives in 
Argentina is married to Lydia Taron. Her heritage is GERMAN!
Her grandparents spoke German.

Joanne Redmann Johnson
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> Otto schrieb:
>>Ratt/Radt (wheel) could well be a shortened form of Rattke/Radtke
>>(little wheel or offspring of wheel)
> Hello Karl & Otto,
> RATT would primarily sound like RAT [RATH] which stands for an urban,
> feudal or royal councillor.
> 'Rad' would more likely occur in craftsmen's names like RADEMACHER,
> RADKE more likely stem from the slavian first name Radek [Radko] as its
> diminutive [from 'rad' = happy].
>>Taron/Tarrun remains a challenge.
> Here I am at first tempted to think of the medieval town of Thorn
> [Toruń] -  B U T  the surname TARON is not uncommon in France. There it
> seems to originate from the present département Marne where several
> TARON lived in Châlons, La-Neuville-Au-Pont,  Sainte-Menehould and Vroil
> in 17th and 18th century as well as the present département
> Meurthe-et-Moselle (Saulxures-Lès-Nancy, starting from early 17th
> century as well).
> Günther
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