[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Messerschmidt in Kovel

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Searching for information on Edward Messerschmidt's family. His father MAYBE
was Martin Messerschmidt but I am not sure about that. Edward was born 21
Nov 1890 in Kovel, Russia (Ukraine now). He immigrated about 1908 and came
to Minnesota, USA. He married Clara Alma Brusch in Minnesota. She was born
20 Aug 1908 in Green Lake, Wisconsin to parents, Herman Gust Brusch (Brosse,
I think is the correct German spelling) and Anna Paulina Scheer.  Their
parents were both born in Germany - but I do not have a clue where. Gustav
Brosse was born about 1860. Ferdinand Albert Scheer was born Oct 1849 and
married Albertina S. Hahmann (? Spelling) in about 1878 in Germany. She was
born in August 1849. Any further information on this family would be so
appreciated. Thanks. Pam Furstenau

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