[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Messerschmidt in Kovel

Ron Neuman ron at neuman.ca
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I cannot help you with your specific request; however, there is a 
possibility that your Messerschmidt ancestors may have originated in 

A number of years ago I was researching some of my ancestors from 
Poland to Wurttemburg (specifically the parish of Dagersheim), and I 
recall seeing the Messerschmidt name quite often in the Dagersheim 
Lutheran records.  My ancestors (Hahn) moved from Wurttemburg to 
Poland (Gostynin Parish) about 1805.

At 08:16 PM 9/4/2007, Pam Furstenau wrote:
>Here is the request from the correct account.
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>Subject: Messerschmidt in Kovel
>Searching for information on Edward Messerschmidt's family. His father MAYBE
>was Martin Messerschmidt but I am not sure about that. Edward was born 21
>Nov 1890 in Kovel, Russia (Ukraine now). He immigrated about 1908 and came
>to Minnesota, USA. He married Clara Alma Brusch in Minnesota. She was born
>20 Aug 1908 in Green Lake, Wisconsin to parents, Herman Gust Brusch (Brosse,
>I think is the correct German spelling) and Anna Paulina Scheer.  Their
>parents were both born in Germany - but I do not have a clue where. Gustav
>Brosse was born about 1860. Ferdinand Albert Scheer was born Oct 1849 and
>married Albertina S. Hahmann (? Spelling) in about 1878 in Germany. She was
>born in August 1849. Any further information on this family would be so
>appreciated. Thanks. Pam Furstenau
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