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Dieter, while I can't help you directly, I have several Rossols in the
Michalki Ev. Parish records:

Peter Rossol and Ludwika Wagner's son Erdman Wilhelm married Pauline Kuhn in
Oborki in 1864.  Their son Michael Jakub was born and died in 1865 in
Rypalki.  No records prior to 1864 so the family moved there prior to that
date and may have been slowly moving eastward.

Maybe someday that will fit in for you.



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Dear Listers,

I have been searching for my Rossol, all born at Borki Gombin
Georg Rossol, * 29.Mar 1844 and Paul Rossol, * 20. Mar 1849, parents are
Jacob Rossol and Eva nee Wolter

Michael Rossol, * 10 Mar .1861, parents are Jacob Rossol and Juliane Dehring

Christian Rossol, * 14 Apr 1855, parents are Samuel Rossol and Rosina

Heinrich Rossol, * 26 Nov 1880, parents are Christian Rossol and Anna Ratz

Perhaps they settled to Volhynia.

I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions regarding my search for

Dieter Beutel


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