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Alt Posttal was a German village in Bessarabia, which is in an area now part
of Ukraine. GRHS www.grhs.org has lots of information about Bessarabia

Hmm, we don't seem to have a map online, but Adelheid, I'll send you one via
attachment (as I know it can't go to the list). Basically Bessarabia, at
least the part with German settlements, is that little portion of Ukraine
that is southwest of Odessa along the Black Sea. Lots of Germans migrated
from Poland to Bessarabia.

If you give me some time period on your Catharina, I can probably point you
to some more specific data.


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>I have an ancester Catharina Friederika Schmidt whose place of 
>death is listed as Alt Postal, Bessarabia.
>Does anyone know where that is?
>Adelheid Bender

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