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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 30 06:35:40 PDT 2007


Very interesting background information about 
your family and possible origins.  The Tatars and 
the Cossacks were enemies.  The Tatars originated 
as an Arabic tribe out of Turkey and had Muslim 
origins.  The Cossacks were a Slavic tribe with Christian background.

By the way, are you aware that one of our SGGEE 
members is researching this uncommon Lewitzki / 
Lewicki surname from Volhynia?  Email me privately if you require more info.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 09:17 PM 29/09/2007, wolfgang at lewitzki.se wrote:
>Hallo from Sweden and a special Hallo and greeting to mr. Richard Benert.
>I´m a reader of this list since many years now, 
>and had  some contact with Mr. Benert -  I think 
>it was 1997. At that time I did know very little 
>about Volhynia - the village Solodyri where my 
>grandmother Olga Liebenau was born in May 1888 - 
>and the village ( Bularken ) Bolarka or Boljarka 
>where she later on did marry my grandfather 
>Anton Lewitzki. In the same village where my 
>father was born in 1913 and where his father 
>Anton  was killed by the Bolschewiks in 
>1918,  all in frond of his wife and son.
>The Lewitzki name also Lewicki (sky ) is of 
>Polish origin. In all my research I  also have 
>found a  nobleman from Ukraine and 1660 - 
>Lewicki ( Rogala Clan ) who was registered as an 
>Cossack. In ( Polska Encyklopedia Szachecka  Page 319.)
>I don´t know if my grandfather Anton was related 
>to this  ( Rogala ) Lewicki Cossack clan,  but 
>who  knows. My grandfather  was an excellent 
>rider and  horseman and also an excellent breeder of horses.
>But in my fathers eyes , after they fled to East 
>Prussia, he allways only was of German origin, 
>raised by his German mother. From my point of 
>wiev there has been  many Cossacks of Polish 
>origin and even some German who did qualify (be 
>good enough) for a place in among them as an 
>good rider and warrior. One of this Germans 
>become to be a leader among the Cossacks.  I 
>do´nt think all the Cossacks where only Muslim´s.
>There must have ben Christians among them as 
>well . Maybe some of them from time to time did 
>borrow the baptist church in Neudorf. Maybe only at some special events.
>Wolfgang Lewitzki - Sweden.

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